Skiing Fred

Skiing Fred is another game, in the series of infinite whatevers, describing incredible misadventures of Fred, a guy, whose life is so full of pain, you’d think he’d just give up sooner or later. Still, he perseveres, and we continue having lots of exciting times with games that feature Fred and his pain receptors. Skiing Fred is the latest, and the most varied game among them. It pains to say this, but it just might be one of the best skiing simulators for iPhones. It’s exciting, features lots of exciting encounters and is full of adrenaline, even if it’s for all the wrong reasons.

The story is as short, as it’s unusual. Fred is actually escaping Death, who probably got tired that no matter the injuries and traumas Fred suffers, they never get to meet, so it decided to do the job personally. Escaping happens to be on the mountainside, and our hero is escaping with a snowboard, sliding through the infinite paths of Mt. Whatever, Whocaresville. The controls are pretty simple, although I do have a small issue with them. You control where your hero slides by tilting the device, and make him jump and double-jump, using the button to the right. If you hold this button, Fred will accelerate, giving you less time to react, but gaining greater momentum, allowing him to jump across bigger cave-ins, and escape from Death, who is constantly following in his tracks, ready to chop his head right the hell off. There are tons of power-ups and upgrades that you can find and purchase, and although most of them are standard stuff, like bonus lives, fast-forward, and stuff like that, other power-ups actually change the gameplay for a little while, allowing you to burst into the sky on a pterodactyl, or smash through the obstacles inside a snowball. Skiing Fred is incredibly rich, featuring dozens of obstacles, ramps and even random encounters, like sudden blizzard that you need to power through, while all the usual spikes and traps don’t go anywhere. There are also pretty standard missions you need to complete – but again, with a pleasant twist: rewards for them are often advancing your productivity to a whole new level, being a lot more than some additional coins. The upgrade system grants an ability to improve power-ups you find, as well as gain some special abilities, like permanently attracting coins from a small distance. If you’re tired of seeing the same bloody (literally) face, you can invest in some new models, and actually customize your hero with different equipment. This game is really a whole lot more complex and rich, than it may look, and I do believe that it offers one of the most perfect and sprawling experiences in the infinite runners. As I said, my only gripe is that you can’t change, or even fine-tune the controls that sometimes feel not right. Skiing Fred would benefit greatly, if it introduced an option to switch from tilt controls to arrows, for example. Apart from that, though, it’s beauty and madness all around. Definitely one of the best recent mobile games. Check it out, whether you like infinite runners, or simply like snowboarding.

PS. I don’t know why they call it “Skiing Fred”, since I never saw any actual skis, available for you to play with.

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