Night Recorder Review

Are you suffering from a sleeping disorder such as loud snoring, talking, sleepwalking or teeth grinding? Such disorders can lead to serious problems and can many times be hard to diagnose because in the morning you have no recollection of what had been done during the night before. Then your feeling like sh*@ because you either didn’t get enough sleep, have a wounded jaw from grinding your teeth all night, or wake up buck naked when you know you threw on that pair of comfy pajamas the evening before.  If any of these problems plague you, then Night Recorder for iPhone is the app for you. This app is the only program that can help you find out what’s going on during those restless hours of the night by recording just what is happening during your sleep.

Night Recorder, by iPaguri, has a sophisticated way of recording. You set the sensitivity level on the VU audiometer for where you want the recording to trigger on. The lower the setting, the more the microphone will pick up. If the sensitivity level is set higher, it would only record louder sounds that reached that point on the meter. This a great way to tune the program to detect either the faintest whisper of the rumble of a snoring mammoth. I found the app to be very responsive. The sensitivity of the microphone and the development behind the way it triggers ON/OFF is really well done. Once the sensitivity has been set you must arm the device by hitting the ON switch. There are two modes for recording: “MORE” mode and “UNIQUE” mode. “MORE” mode creates individual audio clips every time the recording is activated, while “UNIQUE” mode compiles all the recordings into one continuous file. “MORE” mode is a great way to log all activity throughout the night as it also logs the exact date and time the recording took place. This way you have specific data that could be provided to a doctor if you were seeking treatment for your sleeping disorder.

The great thing about Night Recorder is this app works after the iPhone goes into standby mode. Even if the screen is off, as long as the app is launched and the ON button has been armed, you can record all night long! Another very cool feature with the app is the ability to connect via WiFi to your recordings so they can be accessed on a PC or Mac. When you click the WiFi button it pulls up a browser address. Type that address into your browser and this directs you to a personal page with all the recordings you have captured in the app. This feature could not be easier for accessing your files on a computer, making it a peace of cake if you need to email them out of burn the recordings to a disk.

Night Recorder also has an ultra slick interface that resembles an old school reel to reel analog tape recorder. Its got the VU audiometer that can be zoomed in on, a red record light, an ON/OF switch, as well as a Settings tab and a Files section for quick access to your recordings. The menu layout is very user-friendly. Now if you don’t have a problem with sleeping disorders, there still might be another use for the app that could come in handy. The technology could easy be used as a spy recorder instead. It would actually be the perfect application for picking up dialog. The great thing about the app is you don’t need to worry about it continuously recording audio, (which would take up way too much space) as long as you have the sensitivity set to an equal level as your subject.

If we had any negative comments it would be to work on the VU meter’s needle graphic accuracy. For the most part it works great but there were times when the needle didn’t accurately represent the level of external noise produced. For example, I had made the same sound repeatedly and got slightly different VU meter results. While this didn’t really affect the functionality of the application, it was a consistency issue that caught my eye. The other comment would be to enhance the overall directions on the settings page by supplementing in more text. The “MORE” mode and “UNQUE” mode could use better explanation of function.  It would also be nice to include additional directions so people know where to set the sensitivity level on the app.

Overall, this is an excellent app and highly recommended. Its a good solution for those dealing with sleeping disorders, or those wanting to go undercover and spy on an unsuspecting subject. Night Recorder is a unique app that fits a specific niche, performs as advertised, and is easy to operate.

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